June 4, 2023

Invoice Factoring Helps You Expand Your Company With Fast Business Funding

Choose invoice factoring business funding to expand your company at all stages: profit and thrive. Each stage of your business comes with unique benefits and challenges. No matter the stage, though, working with a quality receivables factoring firm can support business growth. In this article, we will share the benefits of invoice factoring when you are poised to expand your business, but face cash flow management issues. We’ll also discuss how working with a factoring firm can help with start up businesses.

First, see if you identify with these challenges often faced by established business owners who want to expand their company:

Cash Flow Management Problem #1: Traditional business funding from banks does not meet your needs. You apply for a line of credit but it is not approved. Or, it is not approved for the amount you need.

Invoice Factoring Solution #1: With factoring business funding, you receive funds within 24 hours of invoicing your customers; cash flow problem solved!

Cash Flow Management Problem #2: You mull over taking in a partner or investor, but you feel uneasy. You started this business and you hate the idea of giving up control of its destiny and future.

Receivables Factoring Solution #2: Using an invoice factoring company, you remain in control and you can parlay your new cash flow abilities into an expanded business.

Cash Flow Management Problem #3: You worry about losing your well-trained quality staff during expansion. You appreciate the quality of your current staff and you need them to recruit, hire and train new staff. But, because of cash flow issues, making payroll may be a struggle, or you can’t always budget for the seminars or training tools they request.

Invoice Factoring Solution #3: A factoring company provides the business funding you need to recruit and train new staff while retaining your star employees.

Contact a quality receivables factoring company and solve your business expansion challenges. You can hire more staff, meet current financial obligations and grow your business to new heights. Now read on to discover how invoice factoring specifically helps with start up companies.

Stop worrying about business financing help for your start-up company: find a quality receivables factoring company and relax. As the owner of a start-up business, you worry about everything. You drive all aspects of your company, but may still not break even. You need better cash flow, but struggle to get traditional bank funding. Consider switching your business funding strategy and contact a factoring firm today. Factoring offers the improved cash flow you need to make your business a success.

Find solutions, not hassles, when you contact an invoice factoring company for business financial help. Problem #1: Traditional bank funding usually requires 2 to 3 years of business financials; if you do not have that, then a bank loan is unlikely.

Business Funding Solution #1: Factoring is based upon your outstanding receivables, not the length of time that you have been in business.

Problem #2: Traditional bank financing requires acceptable collateral and your house is mortgaged, so that is not an option.

Business Funding Solution #2: Receivables factoring is not based on the value of your property or equipment, but on your receivables assets.

Problem #3: Your company services two or three solid customers, but the bank sees that as high concentration (business focused on too few customers), so they will not lend you money.

Business Funding Solution #3: Find a quality invoice factoring company that will fund new businesses — even start-ups — with high concentration.

Choose invoice factoring and receive immediate business financing help. No matter how new your business, if cash flow is an issue, then contact a quality receivables factoring firm today. If you have more questions, find a reputable receivables factoring company and discuss the positive benefits of invoice factoring for your company’s business financing help.