The most important thing that needs to be done when you hold a meeting is creating an agenda. An agenda needs to be written prior to even scheduling the meeting with the staff. Send the agenda out to everyone on all of the topics you plan on discussing. This will give other employees the opportunity to add additional items they feel need to be discussed too. A final agenda should be sent to all attendees at least a day before the meeting so everyone is prepared to discuss the issues. This also gives them time to get together any documentation they might need to bring to the meeting. Quality improvement occurs by sending out an agenda so there is a schedule for the meeting.

When ensuring quality improvement in meetings you also need to keep track of time. Never let the meeting last longer than you have scheduled it to go. If discussions about important topics are taking longer, encourage people to get to the point. If you have to plan another meeting, then do so. However, the best option is to use email and allow people to remain productive and out of meetings as much as possible.

Employees often have creative and unique ideas. When you are working on quality improvement in a meeting, be sure that you always pay attention to and write down other peoples’ ideas. You might think an idea is silly now but it may be ingenious later on down the road.

For total quality improvement with meetings, at the end of the meeting you must evaluate everyone’s ideas and the process of the meeting. The first speedy meeting might not go so well but they will get better. At the end of the meeting, run over the agenda quickly with all of the conclusions the group came to during the meeting. If people are tasked with items, set a deadline and a reminder for the tasks.

Speedy meetings are extremely important. A quality improvement program should include finding ways to speed up meetings or of eliminating them, if possible. Speeding up meetings requires the use of an agenda prior to the meeting, remaining on time, keeping track of employee ideas, and reiterating points at the end of the meeting.

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